The use of the textbook and the white board as the only learning and teaching tools is now considered a thing of the past. Today people can access information and learning from a variety of resources including micro technology e.g. video annotations. Students at school come connected to the world with devices in pocket ready to go, as educators we need to be part of that world, understand it, embrace it and use it to our advantage. Educators are therefore encouraged to be innovative and create online learning platforms to enable learners to access information 24/7 to be creators in the wide world. This kind of approach to learning and teaching promotes a culture of lifelong learning.


About musekiwa

I am a qualified Design and Technology Teacher.
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  1. leilakasprzak says:

    Heya Muse! What a great start to your blog and integrating 21st Century into your pedagogy! I look forward to seeing your ideas develop!
    Leila 🙂

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